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4.  Ran my first 100 mile week in January 1980, during winter break visiting Houston. 

In Houston why, chasing a woman? 😉

I wish, although a strip club or two may have been involved. Coaches just let us take the vans and turned us loose on the town for a couple nights. That'd never happen today!

Another runner and I latched onto the swim team who would go down for about 2 weeks of winter training camp. We figured it would be warmer and a good time to get in a lot of miles. My teammate put in 200 that week. He did 30 a day for six days (either a 10 and a 20 or two 15s) and on the seventh he ran 20. Effin' nuts, but he did hold the school record for 2 mile and XC. I think I ran 105 and 116 and the swimmers thought I was a slacker.