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1. My first race was a 5K Turkey Trot that I ran with my boyfriend and his family at the age of 31.  I didn't know what training meant.  I ran about 25:30.  I thought running 3 miles without stopping was a long time to run.

2. After my second child was born I ran my first marathon.  I qualified for Boston… although I didn't know what that meant.  I found out  🙂

3. I've run 10 marathons and 10 BQs.  11 coming up in April… (I'm being positive 😉 )

4. I was bitten by a dog and wiped out on the sidewalk in the same week while running my usual neighborhood loop.

5. I made the start of the 2006 Chicago Marathon by a hair by running through a muddy park and climbing a fence into the preferred corral.  I flashed my bib (I was wearing a trash bag since it was drizzling and 35°) at the officials on the other side of the fence and they just yelled, “Look out, runner coming in!”  That was my PR for 5 years.

6. I got stuck in the mob at the 2007 NYC marathon to check my bag before the race.

7. When I ran my first Boston, somewhere near the end, 2 young guys were cheering for me yelling “Go 14!”  It took me until I finished to realize they were referring to my bib number which was a 14,000 number and I was finishing with mostly 8 or 9,000 bibs around me.

8. My highest weekly mileage is 76 miles, so far.  I ran that in 5 days.

9. Another first Boston story; I stuffed so much crap into my bag that it broke and busted open on the sidewalk on the way to the T to go to the Boston Commons.

10. I ran my fastest marathon (so far) in 2011 at the age of 47 thanks to Ryan.  True story. And that's not the end of the story.  Stay tuned 🙂