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Interesting…10 more:
1.  I once ran a race to finish dead last to see what it was like…the ambulance right behind me.
2.  At the PA State Farm Show in Harrisburg, PA I went out for a run early and found a huge box of cigars packed
in those little boxes.  I grabbed 3-4 and ran back to the hotel.  My Dad said, “Were's the peanuts?”
3.  I used to run a 20 miler in HS on Saturday in the summer and never gave it thought to take anything with me.
4.  I used to go run in the summer from my Dad's place and get lost after a couple hours.  Eventually I would ask someone
to use their phone and call Dad.  He was a lineman for the power company and knew the whole county.  He always got a kick
out of how far I would end up away from home.
5.  I have found several wallets and phones over the years and was usually succesful in finding the owner.  Some grateful
and some I got the sense they though I stole their money.
6.  I had to go get a farmer one time because his cows got out.
7.  I had to go to court one time because someone tried to run us over.  To the extent he was driving up through 2-3 people's
yards chasing us down.
8.  In college I hitched to a concert and was in some dinky town 85 miles from home not knowing which way to go.  I found
and old gas station and there was a guy underneath a car working on it.  It was my HS cross-country coach.
9.  At the 100k Nationals one year I was battling with the then American record holder for 24 hours.  We went through 80k in 5:58:04.  He beat me by like 4 minutes, but I laid it out anyway.
10.  I had one of those magic days about 10 years ago on a training run.  No taper, not enough sleep, tired from the miles.  Was doing a 20 miler and ran 6:28 pace out and 6:08 pace back.  I just couldn't tire myself out.  It was awesome!