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1.  Last Friday stopped mid run and helped a Police officer shovel a driveway for the EMT.
2. Set my 5k PR of 18:44 after 3 children, after age 30, and only running about 30 miles a week.  Ran this time 3 different races. 
3.  2010 Walleye 5 mile Female winner
4. Won every single XC and track race in 8th grade
5. My running crashed and burned in HS after going through puberty the second time
6. raced 3 10 mile races and 3 5ks in that ridiculous red costume to make people laugh and just for the sake that it was ridiculous
7. Was once second overall in a tiny rinky dink race to a  Kenyan with a 13:50 5k PR
8.  After a binge runs home from the local tavern at bar time to avoid being cold
9. Have bribed my children with candy and toys to allow me to finish numerous track workouts
10. Is still improving and is gonna crush some stale PRs this year!