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also, if I remember correctly Daniels actually wants you to do 8% of your weekly runs at VO2.  And a session is suppose to be 5-6 miles of quality miles.  I believe the recoveries were 1-2 minutes.  Maybe I'm wrong and this is my own insanity.  I do remember my first attempt at one of his prescribed workouts had me almost puking and dizzy, but I was probably 2 years out of dong anything that came close to a “speed” workout and my body was shocked.

I was a big Daniels follower.  However, I think from following for so many years, I found that I was losing that “tweener” pace.  To best describe “tweener” for me it was half marathon pace.  Daniels workouts tend to be around 5k pace and marathon pace.  I think I lost my “tolerance” level.  In essence, when I get uncomfortable I slow down or speed up.  I've stopped following Daniels for about 2 years and basically it's working on that “discomfort zone”.  I've dropped >3 minutes off my half marathon since working more at threshold levels rather than doing intervals.