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Ryan– I should have remember that.  I do have Daniels new edition (did a reprint ever come out, because there were alot of misprints for certain tables), I just stopped following Daniels around the same time because I had an LT test that revealed what I suspected.  My workouts were kind of what he would have described.  5 minutes at high end of LT/5 at lowend for 30-40 and then add 10 minutes and then when I could maintain 60 minutes…I'd bump myself .1 on the treadmill.  Probably why I got my greatest improvement in the 10k-half range.
It didn't do anything for my marathon though, and “someone” thinks I'm still avoiding the “discomfort zone”.  (I really want to beat him up, because I'm feeling discomfort, I swear).

Doesn't this Daniels update make his workouts almost mirror Pfitz?