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This did only appear in a running magazine but why could the article, word for word, not appear in a newspaper? Why would that kind of article or a profile of one of those specific people be any less interesting to the general population than the article about Mr. Macon?

To the general population, no offense to Mr. Macon intended but the article about him is just a story of a crazy old coot who is doing something completely unimaginable. It's interesting but how is that going to inspire anyone to take up running?

Meanwhile, to the general population, the article GTF linked to is a story about individuals helping troubled youths achieve in a world that, at times, can seem to be stacked against them. This is a popular “general interest” story in the mass media. Sure, running and competition are side aspects of the story but Mr. Macon admits what he does isn't competition and, in his case, even running is a side aspect of the story (extreme race participation could be replaced with extreme NASCAR spectating or extreme stamp collecting and the story would read much the same). As for inspiration, maybe this story wouldn't do much. Maybe it would, though. Maybe a struggling parent would see the story and encourage his or her child to join a local club. Maybe someone looking to give some time to a good cause and who has some past expreience running or is willing to learn would take the initiative to start a program locally or hook up with an already existing local program to help out.