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Andrew A.

Congrats! 35s is a good time on that course at 20, and you should really drop in the next few years, and you could well have a good marathon career ahead of you.

+1!  Do you train with one of the area groups?

The country format for elites is stupid and they should just make it an open elite race.

This year, in particular, it was a yawnfest – the men's and women's elite races were essentially decided by the 4-mile mark (actually, just past 2K for the men) – unless you were into the whole Team CO vs. Team USA undercard, which I was not.  It was nice to see coach Johnson's athletes Brent Vaughn and Renee Metivier-Baillie perform so well, it just would be far more compelling to see them finishing ahead of 100 or so runners per gender rather than about a dozen.  But then this is the Bosleys' baby/cash cow and they do not exactly have a background in the sport outside of the BB bubble.

I usually enjoyed it, but it's such a logistical mess to get to the start line and at such an early hour, and it's so damn crowded that I'm not sure if I'd keep going back even if we still did live in a nearby village.

I can imagine it would be.  Fortunately I have lived in town for all but one of the times I have run it (I think I was dropped off on Valmont or Pearl near the start the first year I ran it, when I was visiting and staying out in Lafayette) and could either lock a bike near the stadium or jog to the start and from the finish (I lived at Folsom/Spruce for a few years, near the 2K mark).  In fact, if I were coming to the race from outside of town, I would bring a bike in the back of my car and ride it to/from the stadium with a parking spot near the edge of town and jog to the starting line. 

I was going to just run it easy with some friends, one of whom was pacing a group he coaches.  We started in the same wave and I could not find either of the people I was looking for, believe it or not.  So I went up to the front of the wave at the start and over the next 5K or so let the wave run past me, trying to spot them.  No luck and by about 6K I gave up trying to find them and just picked it up to tempo pace and wove my way to the stadium, in what is likely my slowest 10K time ever.  No big deal, it was a beautiful morning and it was fun to be out there and going easy enough to really look around at what was going on both on and along the course.