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Congrats! 35s is a good time on that course at 20, and you should really drop in the next few years, and you could well have a good marathon career ahead of you.
So they credited your times even though your team missed the proper waves? Easy enough to do with chips, but in a lot of places it would be tough luck.

I have run let's see 7 I think (1983, 1985, 1986, 1999, 2000, and 2001) no make that 6 Bolder Boulders.

Was there in:
1979-broke my foot a couple days before
1982-had just moved back from sea level and out of town anyway
1984-ITBS, pyriformis
1987-achilles tendonitis
2002-patellar tendonitis
2003-patellar tendonitis and posterior tibialis strain

So I missed as many BBs as run when in Colorado.

It's a fairly tough course and your time is probably slower by 1:15 to 1:30 compared to sea level (e.g., my sea level 10K PR is 1:55 faster than best at Bolder Boulder, and ran more than a minute faster on other 10K courses at altitude).

The country format for elites is stupid and they should just make it an open elite race. 

My goal was to qualify for the (then) elite race, which required 32:30 at altitude or sub 32 at sea level. I just missed by 10 or 15 sec on both accounts

That said I never had a really good day there. I think my best was 100th OA with a low 34, and did win my age one year and was 3rd another year. And I think our team won the corporate division both of those years.

I usually enjoyed it, but it's such a logistical mess to get to the start line and at such an early hour, and it's so damn crowded that I'm not sure if I'd keep going back even if we still did live in a nearby village.