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Well, I'm accomplishing goal number one of getting through April fresh and injury free. 

I've run one 4.5 mile trail race and am going to do a 5k on Saturday to try and get an idea of where I'm at.  Low expectations at both races, just want to get out and try to push the pace a little.  I have to say if I don't go 18:30 on Sat I probably will be bummed.

Today I went to the track and did 4-1200's (100 walk/ 200 jog/ 100 walk recovery.)  I was hoping to run them right at 4:30 which would be just over 18:30 pace.  I cruised through the first one at 4:14, did the second and third at 4:05, and decided to try and see what I could go on the last one.  I was pushing it, but ran controlled for a 3:54.  I was pretty happy.  Not really sure what I accomplished, but it felt good, with 20 min warm up and 20 warm down.

The last 1200 gave me confidence that I'll get under 5 for a mile, after a summer of training with a purpose.  If my math is right the 3:54 is somewhere around 5:12 for 1600, add a couple more seconds to make the mile, and right now with zero speed or strength work I'm 15 seconds off.  I feel like I could have sustained the pace for another lap without too much trouble.  And I realize that the faster I go, the harder those seconds will be to drop.

I'm looking forward to the 5K on Sat.  I know for some people, a 5K is a long way and that's cool, but I have a feeling for me I'm going to cruise through 2 miles and realize, heck, only a mile to go, lets get rolling!

Thanks for reading my update, I'll get a race report on here after Sat.