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does anyone remember the poll that was taken several years ago where they asked “if you could take something to make you an Olympic athlete that you KNOW would kill you, would you do it?” and a scary percentage said “yes”…

Hmm, interesting poll. I might have to borrow that one some time.

of course the trick would be to find something legal & healthy that would help but NOT kill you (assuming you had trained to your max already, which I doubt most people have done)

That is indeed the key. The issue is that the “something” is indeed what you close with, training to your max, which is something that a lot of people aren't willing to do and that is felt to be inadequate by some who do. No matter what we do within the rules, there will always be those who want to venture outside of the rules to gain a competitive advantage. If there were some magical pill that was safe and legal, everyone would take it, then some would still look for something else to gain an advantage over everyone else.