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I hope you do not think I would be doing it for the attention because I do not think they are doing much that way other than the bibs from what I hear. I also do not care much for it anyways.  I want to be able to finish a marathon and say this is my last one. With the issues I have had the last five years from injuries and then the thyroid thing which was the reason for my injuries, which by the way are completely gone and it feels as though never happened(two partially torn hamstrings and many strains that led to many bike rides) I always had the attitude that I would never run a marathon just to finish it because I always knew I could. I think it is too far to run and too much pain. I do not know if I could make it and If (big IF)  I make it, it very well might be the finish I am most proud of. I know I am not in shape for it and I would not consider doing it if it were any other marathon. I was asked to be a part of the race in other ways but the only way I wanted  to be part of it was as a participant. You are correct in that it is crazy for me to consider this but there are runners who run them on less than I have done.  I honesty do not know how they do it. It is a long way and it scares me but isn't that part of life to take a chance once in a while and see if it can be done. One last factor is that the weather looks to be ideal which is huge in a marathon,as you know, and is one less worry and rarely happens. I would love to have a phone call with you as this method is difficult to express every thought and words can come across the wrong way at times. Thanks for you input.