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You're right, thoughts are hard to express here. I didn't mean that you are an attention seeker or anything, just that you deserve some of the attention as a past champion and you should be able to enjoy that.

You've gone through some times that I couldn't even imagine. As such, it would be foolish for me to judge any decision you make. I can only imagine how hard this decision is for you. Looking at it objectively, I'd say it's a big risk. Considering all the factors, I honestly have trouble making a suggestion either way. Sure, it's a big risk and, at the point I am in my life, I'd never do it. However, you are at a different point. You've gone through a lot. If you do it, my only suggestion would be to do something you've probably never done in a marathon before. Take walking breaks. Your situation is tailor made for walking breaks. They will help you get to the finish line.

Whatever you decide, enjoy the weekend. I know you're not seeking attention but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the well earned attention that you receive.

By the way, if you would be interested in talking in person and are going to be in Milwaukee Saturday evening, Rita and I are working out the details for a dinner. I don't think we've ever met in person and I'd consider it a great honor to meet you. Of course, you may also have other events you would prefer to partake in that evening so it's completely understood if you can't make it.