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an update.  My Landice had an internal setting of .4% grade when the the guy came to calibrate my treadmill.  Still, like Chris mentioned, when we switched the internal incline to 0%, you could see that the front of the treadmill was not mesh with the ground.  There were different level readings and we concluded that the mat that my treadmill was on was causing an incline.

However, my friend just bought a Landice and my husband took a level to his house and found that the treadmill had the same inconsistencies.  In the meantime, my husband had gone to Sears and bought a level that gives out % digital readings.  So anyway, we concluded to best simulate outdoor running on my treadmill 1% incline is closer than the 2%. 

The good news is my workouts suddenly got easier, seeing that I was doing them at 2.4% which was close to 3% realistically, and now I'm doing 1% according to my treadmill which is about 1.8%.  Of course, my husband is wondering why I then didn't bump my speedwork to 11.0 mph  ::)

Chris-  I questioned the guy at Landice about “internally” adjusting for outside and it was “no”, like Ryan said the adjustment is less as the mph increases.  The difference for a 5:00 minute guy for a 1% grading is almost nonexistent and for a 10:00 person it's HUGE.

oh well, it's time to take it all outside anyway.  😮