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saturday morning i rode downtown with Ryan, Lisa and Double to run Al's Run (8K).  the start time is rather late in the morning…10:30…more than likely to accomodate the walkers who need a little longer to wake up in the morning.  the start was a little disorganized but i've seen worse.  i went through the 1M in just over 6 minutes, pulling along side Double.  there was 10 or so bagpipers playing which got me real fired up.  shortly after the 1M, i spotted Kirby up ahead.  i started to reel him in slowly and tried sneaking by him at the 2M (12:10-ish).  he spotted me and said “Jerry what are you doing up here!”…likely more in jest than anything.

kirby pulled up next to me and we ran through 3M (18:30-ish) and 4M (25:00).  shortly after the 4M mark, going under 794, kirby started edging away from me.  admittedly, i haven't done any speedwork and my legs felt like i was running in quicksand.  i ended up rolling in at 31:29 for 101st overall.

all things considered, i'm fairly pleased with the effort.  it was a little warm but manageable.

next up – Lakefront 26.2 (10/1)