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I had a year to date low of 231 miles in April.  I had some really good workouts but I also had some interruptions in my training plans due to weather, sick children, and just needing some extra rest with the increase in quality as I got ready for my half marathon this Saturday.  I had planned this to be a conservative training cycle due to the fact that I was coming back from injury but the interruptions may have made it a tad more conservative than I would have liked.  At the starting line though it is better to be a tad undertrained than over cooked or injured so I think I did the right thing.  My hope is to have a solid half and then recover in time to race a 10 miler 2 weeks after the half.  2 years ago this weekend I had ran my  1st ever half marathon (crashed and burned but made it to the finish line)  but then did go on to run great at this particular 10 mile race 2 weeks afterwards. 

One pleasant surprise this training cycle was that tempo pace was easier than last year.  I am not sure how this could be as I was super fit last year but it has been easier right from the start of the cycle.  I wonder if all the hard work I did last spring is maybe still paying dividends this year. 

The weather forecast for this weekend does not look ideal as the overnight low is 64 and the Saturday high is 79.  I think I can make it work just fine though as I am just going to go with whatever the day brings.