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170 miles from 19 days of running and 1,276 miles for the year thus far.

It was a month of ups and downs.

Up: I finally broke the 50-mile barrier for a single week. Down: That week was followed by a 22-mile week as a case of platar fasciliitis flaired up and the groin pain worsened; started going to PT for both problems.

Up: I ran two WORS races relatively well; well enough anyway to put me in second place overall for the series. Down: I turned an ankle in the second race and I'm sure to fall in the point standings when the faster dogs show up for the last race in the series.

Up: The PF is feeling better as I keep it taped, show up for my PT sessions and sleep wearing a sock splint. Down: It's now less than four weeks before the Lakefront Marathon and I can only hope that's enough time in which to mend.