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I'm back! Kind of back anyway. Hernia's are behind me but running is nothing like it was before. A mile feels like a marathon. It's more of a shuffle then a run (11:00 min/pace). Legs have no spring and complain when I increase my stride length or rate.

It's going to be a long road back; frankly, the way I feel after my first post hernia week makes me wonder if I can reach 25 miles/week before fall.

I also need to get my diet under control! When I got the hernia's last fall I was running over 250 miles/month and eating based on that calorie burn. After the injury I basically stopped running (ran less than 100 miles in 2015 so far) but kept eating like before. Went from 150 pounds to 175 in 6 months! At my peek I was only 140 (at 5' 9″ that was a little to 'little' and felt best overall at 150) but running with an extra 25 pounds is hard!

Now that the injury is healed I'm motived to drop the extra weight. From what I recall from Glover (think I read it in 'The Competitive Runners Handbook” a long time ago) each pound is about 2 sec/mile. Getting back to my old weight “should” get me under 10 min/mile all by itself!