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if you really are not going to build up your mileage, so be it… you can find plans on-line that call for long runs of 12 miles for 5k/10k training and don't call for the 50-70 mpw that the 'advanced' programs ask for… but I like Wilson's idea of figuring out what the problems really are fixing them… with strengthening exercises, maybe that's part of what Plyometrics can do for you… I'm also a big fan of water jogging… I read somewhere that the resistance in the water helps to refine your form and stregthen without pounding… and the boring nature of the pool helps to toughen you up mentally (how long can you stand it)…

I would think that the SPEED work would be more injurious than the sheer miles… maybe you just need to slow down on your non-speed days… I'll have to go back to the other thread to figure out why the 3-4 days is so important… does your sports chiro actually run/race?