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The mention of being assaulted has a bit of a different spin on it as the very rural area where I do many workouts and my long run has had numerous  day time burgularies in the last month.  Normally I do not worry at all about strangers but I do think it might be a rather tight spot to surprise these rather bold burglars by running by as they carry the TV and computer out of someone's house.  Esp if it was a friend or relative's house in the area.  I guess my only option would be a cross country escape if pursued.  They can follow me on the road with a car but I highly doubt it that they will hoof it across the cornfield and marsh.  Ironic is that my downfall would be the high visibility of most of my running shirts. 

I have been curious if I have came up as a person of interest in police reports as the last house robbed is right near where I usually take a short walk break between tempo intervals.  I guess I don't look too suspicious though as I don't normally take my TV for a run.