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Charlene, I live in a similarly rural area and have had similar thoughts on a run. I've wondered if the van coming out of some driveway was the owner's van or perhaps someone who shouldn't have been there. That was on a  long run, so I was not as familiar with those houses as with the ones closer to home. We have a couple of friends who have had items stolen (horse tack and a large six-wheeler). The people who stole the horse tack were caught after our friend spotted her items on

Have you ever encountered loose livestock? A few times, I've stopped to tell people that their cows or horses were out. In one case, I found a lone horse wearing a halter standing in the road on the other side of the fence from some other horses. I walked/jogged with that horse for about 3/4 of a mile until I met a woman who was walking out of her driveway to look for it.

Recently, our farrier found a lost steer wandering along the road. He spent hours trying to track down the owner. He contacted all of the nearby farms and no one was missing a steer. So, he and his dad took the steer to the butcher and filled their freezer.