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Those at either end of the time spectrum (the very fast and the very slow) will continue to be well-served by this scenario, yet a lot of people in the middle end up squeezed out.  It is tough to maintain and grow a sport that way, with a huge void in the middle of the spectrum.

That's what I've seen happening and I fear will be a continuing dangerous trend in our sport. The world class are well taken care of and the back of the pack is well taken care of, the rest of us are quickly becoming the forgotten majority. We have to keep reminding those in power that we are the majority and their events can't continue to survive without us. Of course, as long as the herd mentality persists and people keep turning out even when RDs are ignoring them, what reason do the RDs have to change their ways?

I'm all for supporting the world class, the ones who inspire many of us and who some aspire to match. I'm also not opposed to the back of the packers. It's just that those two groups should not be focused on to the point that they forget the rest of us, the true bread and butter participants (consumers, patrons, paying customers) of these events.