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enjoy the spectacle, kiss the girls in Wellesley… ;)…

Wow what a day – It was 45 and overcast until 10 minutes to gun time and then the sun came out and it warmed up – A decent day to run and a perfect day to spectate.  I think I high-Fived 300+ kids, avoided the girls at Wellesley and ran the race I wanted 95% even effort.  Amazing that I think it was shoulder to shoulder spectators except maybe a grand total of 1/2 to 1 mile.  3-4-5 deep in places.  I will say at the pace I ran it was impossible to try and run any tangents – people everywhere the whole race.

I ran 1:32:39 1st half and 1:34:37 2nd half.  Although a 1:58 positive split, I think it was fairly even effort for how the course sets up.

Great fun – I hope to go back some day when I am more fit.