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I think many of us are prone to that.  For me it is the hard workouts.  The recovery is just not there.  So, instead of
a lot of harder speed type workouts I make up for it by LSD or day in and day out consistency which contrary to
popular belief is still a powerful medium for distance running.  I am more inclined to run a fast tempo run for
20-25 minutes and not worry about the distance or pace.  Just so the effort is there.  Obviously hills are a good way
to increase power and my recommendation is about 10 minutes work fairly hard.  For example, I find a hill which
takes about 2 minutes to get up and then I run it 5 times.  I don't concern myself with the splits.  The same applies
for any size hill one wants to run.  Time the first one and then run as many as you need to to reach your goal.  Good
workout w/ high benefit. 

After a short Ice Age recovery I am going to start hitting Hart Park on Tuesday for my weekly speed work.  I believe
I'll run some short races this Summer and then pick something for the Fall.  Back to your point, I believe taking the
hard workout road as in the past is a hard proposition.  I make the mileage alone my key fitness feature and then add
speed elements as necessary.  I don't need to do 8 x 800m at 2:30 – 2:35 when 10% less plays it safe and I live to run
another day.  I am beyond proving to myself I'm fast based on one workout.  I don't need this type of confirmation as
any one who ran in College lived.