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I remember when 200m repeats were routinely at 28 and more recently I struggled to hit that in racing the 200m, though it admittedly was with essentially no workouts focused on the event.

Also never ran sub-30 (or sub-32 for that matter) in a workout. My best was a hand time 32-point. I'm talking the ultimate lack of raw speed. Thankfully, I seem to make up for that lack in stamina. I once remember running a small time 3200 against two others (I thought it would be both bigger and stronger competition). I ran a pathetic time and lapped second place twice, third place 5 times. They then convinced me to run the 100 also. I was first off the line but, within 5 steps, was in last and ended up well behind second. They thought I bagged the 100 but I swear I ran that harder than I did the 3200. I think my time was 16-point hand timed.

Of course, my lack of raw speed is epic. Anyone who has seen me try to sprint could attest to that.

I think it was seeing that Scott Douglas never broke 30 (not entirely sure of that one) in the 200m yet ran some great long distance PRs that first really opened my eyes to aerobic development principles.

I've always looked up to guys like Douglas because, well, never breaking 30 in the 200 or 60 in the 400 or 15 in the 100…that's me.