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    Thanks for all the tips, we have crossed some of them off the list already.  I love the hills.  We live within three miles of at least four different trail heads with some pretty intense inclines.  Even t he runs that I perceive as flat have a good deal of elevation change in them.  I went for 14 the other night and the Garmin said I climbed 2500 feet! 
    I ran the Napa Marathon 2 years ago and thought it was a quality small marathon.  My perception of the race is probably skewed by my performance in the race (poor), but I am probably going to give it another shot next spring.  I want to see if removing harsh weather from the winter improves my training like I think it will.
    Also, you're not kidding about SF being cool in late summer.  Trying to explain the temperature changes out here to my father was impossible.  He likened it to the temps at the lake and inland from the Milwaukee weather report.  Here however, there is the temp at the coast, the  East Bay, the Diablo Valley and then inland.  4 different climates and on most days they are all markedly different.  I work inland (Tracy) where one day this summer the high was 105.  On that day I had to drive to Pacifica (on the coast) where the high was 61 and foggy all day. 
    I'll have to check out Scoma's and the Sushi Zone.  We've also been told that we must go to Chez Panisse in Berkeley.  Have you ever had the opportunity to go there?