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When I was a young racer you ran at the front as long as you could.  It was then a battle of attrition.

When I began road racing and then college, you soon realized you were not going to hang out near the front.
You ran as far up as you could muster and then it was the attrition battle all over again.

When I was a mature runner, you found out if you ran with a pacing strategy, you could haul down a fair
number of people who still ran like you once did.

When I found myself in a smaller race as a mature runner, it was valuable having all the above experiences
and using the skills/talents/machoism to achieve the best result.  Need I also say, “and have fun doing it.”

To this day, there are still people I feel compelled to race against.  We don't need to talk about it, we just
do it.  Some people just drive you to do it.  Sometimes it is friendly competition and other times it is based
on reasons which have positively or negatively motivated me.  I guess this is what always motivates me to
train harder or get back in the action occasionally.  That's just the way it is.