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I dont see khannouchi wearing a watch in none of his races, or pictures. he ran a half marathon here and did not wear a watch , won nin 67.35. Love your racing approach Ryan. Nowadays, its difficult not to see a runner wearing a garmin and glancing at the watch every 10 meters to see if he she is on pace!! in fact most people only care about times, the head to head competition is underrated compared to the garmin approach!! Galen rupp only said that if he wanted to run a certain time, he would go out on his own and do that time, but he rather wanted to compete and win.

On Sunday I ran a 8k race, raced without a watch, did not run the best time but I was suprised at the end, the temps were pretty hot, felt bad from the get go, and ran the second half easy, did not push in the second half, did 38.16, was hoping to see 40 in the finish line given the slow second half, ran accordint to my body that day, if I would have payed attention to splits I would have burried myself given how I felt and the conditions.