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I’m a training log geek. I’d love to see what your training log looked like. I’m always interested in seeing training logs and seeing if I can get some ideas from the logs of those who are faster than me.

Locally, there’s a monthly tabloid style newspaper called Twin Cities Sports (I know they have other regional editions too). The last issue had a sample week from Chris Lundstrom’s log, he’s one on the Oly qualifiers from Team USA Minnesota.


AM 16M w/ 8-12M @ 5-10 seconds faster than MP

PM 5M easy


AM 10M at moderate pace

PM 10M w/ 8M easy and 8x200m strides w/ 200m jog


AM 9M at moderate pace

PM 6M easy


AM 16M w/ 3M warmup, 10M fartlek, 3M cooldown

PM 5M easy


AM 9M easy

PM 6M easy w/ 8x100m strides


AM 23M progressively faster

PM off


AM 9M easy

PM 6M easy w/ 8 x 100m strides

Total miles: 130; 15-20 minutes of stretching with each run and core strengthening exercises 3-5 times per week.