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Woody wrote:

I put in 2:22 you’ll see the numbers. This is the best calculator I’ve seen out there .

Well, I put 2:22 into which is the best equation I’ve seen out there, which is why I used it. You can see the numbers I came up with.

Woody wrote:
Think of how many people are running the miles Chad has .

I’m thinking of how many and there aren’t a whole lot.

Woody wrote:
Dan’s right how come some people run 70-90 miles a week consistently for years and can’t break 18 or 19 for that matter in a 5k. Are they doing base year round, are they not dedicated enough, not tough enough for anaerobic burning.

A number of these people go to the opposite extreme from what many Americans do. They do the 70-90 miles a week but they don’t put that together with the rest of the pieces of the puzzle. Volume is one aspect of training for high performance racing. It’s far from the only aspect.

Woody wrote:
There’s probably some young stud playing ” Play station” 5-6 hours a day that could bust a sub 2:20 if he spent the time running instead of watching or playing TV all Day.

Just sub-2:20? There’s probably more than just one guy out there playing his video games who could break 2:10 if he gave it an honest shot. Unfortunately, that’s just how the American culture is these days.

BTW Chad, you know I’m a training log geek. I’d love to see what your training log looked like. I’m always interested in seeing training logs and seeing if I can get some ideas from the logs of those who are faster than me.