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I have a hotel that is about 2 miles from the start. How does one get to the start?  Any tricks or ideas.

I was fortunate enough to be about a half mile or so from the start, so I just warmed up over there. You could see about shuttles, I also noticed quite a few taxis dropping people off. I'm not sure what the mass transit situation outside of possibly hotel shuttles would be.

I have never done a marathon of this size, just Grandma's & Twin Cities. What is the port a potty situation like.
I told a friend that is by biggest fear, not finding a bathroom!   😛

I didn't really care for it last year. The lines got pretty long. Fortunately, I had a backup plan. I had an empty bottle that I used and then passed along to someone else who asked if he could use it for the same purpose. Eventually, it made it over to the side of the street where I think it ended up in a nearby trash can. I have to say that I noticed quite a few streams of water flowing down the street shortly before the start and I know the lady who lined up right next to me was the source of one of those streams. Not a solution I would recommend but one that seemed to be pretty popular.

I have a competitive number. Does this help in getting to the bathrooms and bag drops.

I don't recall it helping in regards to either of those situations. It pretty much just helps you line up in front of a whole lot of people who are slower than you which, of course, is very important in a race of this size.

Any tips on getting to and finding people etc. at this big a race would be great!

There's a big water fountain near the finish line, you can't miss it. The meeting areas around there are organized by letter. This seemed to work very well for a lot of people. Depending on how quickly you expect to finish, the crowds in that area may not be too overwhelming (seeing as you hav a competitive number) and it shouldn't be too hard to find people around there. Of course, there are plenty of other landmarks you could use for a meeting place around there if you wanted to use something else.