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Mark, road races seem to use one of two styles of scoring. One would be either cross-country scoring or a modified version where they just take the overall places of the top X runners from each team without removing anyone from the results first. The other, the method Al's Run uses, probably makes more sense when you're throwing team scoring in on top of a primarily non-team event. Basically, they take the times of the top X (usually 5) runners and add up the times. You then end up with team results such as below (from the 2005 Al's Run results, I happened to just have the top 3 teams up in a text editor to compare this year's roster to last year's results):

            26:44  28:34  29:08  29:50  30:08 = 2:24:24
        Ryan Hill, Dave Dehart, Peter Diamond, Jeff Feldman, Mark Fleming
2.  Bell Well Sales Co                               
            27:48  28:57  29:11  29:42  30:21 = 2:25:59
        Sal Impellitteri, Jamie Walz, Jim Kirschbaum, Marc Woodock, Brian
3.  Extractors                                       
            25:41  28:42  32:18  32:43  33:19 = 2:32:43
        Freddy Garcia, Dave Bornhuetter, James Harmann, Jim Muenzenberger,
        Jeffrey Grant