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when I was in HS the only options girls had were cheerleading, pompom or band  😮 … but both of my boys ran/are running… from their perspective,
1. Do runners who compete in indoor track take a break after indoor and then build a small base again? very short break after winter track, no break if you're fast enough to qualify for state (we're in VA which is very competitve and my boys are less than stellar)… practice for outdoor starts up and those who ran winter run longer runs than those just starting out (those who sat out winter or played another sport)

2.If the indoor season starts in December and outdoor finishes for most in June, six months can seem like a long time to be running in track competitions. from the kid's perspective it's not long enough, they would like school to be shorter and run/race more

3.Which is more likely to lead a runner to a higher peak: running indoor after cross country with some distance work and then going into outdoor, or doing only easy and long runs, strides, and some faster runs below lactate threshold during the winter and then going into outdoor? this would probably depend on the coach you worked with and how motivated the runner was. truth be told very few kids (that I've seen in the last 6 years) are really motivated to run on their own. Running with a group seems to be much more fulfilling, motivating, fun, inspirational and provides structure & accountability

but this is just what I've seen… truly gifted & dedicated runners (seen a few of them) seem to run extra during the season & even more during the breaks… I've tried to encourage my kids to realize that part of those kids' “talent” is that they have given themselves the time & miles to develop to their best advantage… I'm afraid my boys are much too typical and lazy, oh well…