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Andrew A.

So this past week a patient where I work, who grew up in NYC during the Great Depression, remarked on the heavy amount of traffic going by outside the window.  She told me about how much of a contrast there was with the traffic on the streets of NYC back during the Great Depression.  It could be that she was a kid at the time and it could be that her family was one of the fortunate ones to maintain steady income during that time, yet I still find it interesting that she expressed that she felt that it was a better time back then.  Of course, we are a species/society that is fond of nostalgia.  At the same time, the sages are known to observe that he who is content with little has plenty while he who is not satisfied with much can never have enough and will perpetually worry about losing what he has.  I can see how it might seem better if, even by necessity, one felt more connected to one's neighbors and found joy in the simple things in life (kids playing kick-the-can or hockey in empty streets rather than sitting inside watching teevee or playing video games) as opposed to filling the void of isolation with more and more stuff and teevee rubbish.