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Ryan, we turned on the marathon “live” at about 6:55am Eastern time, shortly before the half way point.  Ryan had just dropped out and pretty much all the attention that got was a side comment that American Ryan Hall dropped out.  Later they had a short interview (that I missed but Dave saw) where he said he had hamstring tightness from the start.  I don't know that they ever said why the other American dropped out.  I was really annoyed that they did not show more of Meb's race because at the half way he was in 17th place.  They showed him only a few times and never mentioned his position again until the last couple of miles.  He obviously had a great race since he worked his way up from 17th place to 4th!

The race was really between the two Kenyans and Kiprotich until mile 23 when Kiprotich took off around an uphill turn.  My favorite quote from the Olympics was Kiprotich's broken English response to a question about what his strategy was at mile 23, “I try to break away because I want to get a medal!”  His last few miles were in the 4:40s in 77° and apparently high humidity.  He deserved that medal!  He left those Kenyans eating his dust.