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Given that it was an NBC broadcast, it's amazing they didn't give more attention to the Americans. I was reading elsewhere how it was a shame the NBC broadcasts were so US-centric as to be disappointing. I would generally agree with that. Where was the medal ceremony for one of the greatest performances of the games – Rudisha's 800 meter victory?

It sounds like it was a great race, even as a battle of attrition. Meb was approximately 2 minutes slower in the second half than the first half and, as you mentioned, he moved through the field very well. As far as I've seen, none of the top finishers produced a negative split. Sometimes, battles of attrition are just ugly but this sounds like it was a great game of strategy. Who can hold on the best and push himself through the fatigue to get the victory? It may not always be as amazing to see as a decisive surge at 22 miles but it can be fascinating to see anyway. In a way, I wish I could have seen it. In a way, I'm reminded of what Andrew has stated many times. I'm glad I was out living my life rather than sitting on the couch watching others live theirs. NBC's coverage made it that much easier to make the decision to not be sitting on the couch.