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Andrew A.

Sure, and one would think that televised T&F/running coverage could improve significantly given how well so many other sports are covered on television.  However, it is still television in the USA I have no real faith in the format and all that goes with it.  On Saturday night, I watched the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon live on Japanese television via KeyHoleTV.  I was able to enjoy watching the race with the audio muted (I do not speak Japanese so the commentary is simply noise to me) because of the clean video production of the race.  Picture-in-picture to show the leader as well as the chase pack that was 200-300m behind; clear graphics showing the (recent?) marathon bests of the runners on the screen with their bib numbers, showing the top 10 marathon performances of a particular runner on the screen, indicating splits at each km mark and at each 5km mark, comparing those splits with the previous five 1 km or all the previous 5km splits, comparing splits with CR pace, indicating wind speed and direction relative to the runners shown, etc.  By comparison, televised road race broadcasts in the USA are incredibly tedious and archaic, even overlooking the typical windbag announcing.