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Is there a certain race distance threshold where drafting etiquette matters? …

So, would my tactics have been considered bad racing ettiquette?

isn't the whole idea of RACING to beat the other guy and short of stepping on your competitor, or knocking them over it's not really ettiques but strategy?

in the marathon I think the overall endurance aspect of the race makes groups of like minded(same pace, same goal, maybe same country) runners work together since there is an advantage to running as a pack (especially in the wind)… for example, if a bunch of guys who had trained together were all trying to make it to the Olympic trials for the marathon and decided to run together they work together so more of them would reach the goal (theoretically)… but at some point the “deal” is off as it IS a race, even if it's just a qualifier…

not that I've ever been in much contention to win anything… and the only time I've drafted was with a pace group… and once in a marathon when it was snowing horizontally on part of the course, this guy past me and said “tuck in behind me and try to hang on” seems he had been following me for a couple miles…

I think it boils down to communications of expectations… I also saw (at a half marathon last month) a runner get rid of a person drafting off them by good aim of snot rockets…