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I had planned on doing 6 of the 7 race series this year, but it might be 7. I feel like such a running geek but it's the main game in town, and I jumped into the 16.5 mile trail-road race this past weekend. Check out this trend though,

5k (May), 8th
10k (June), 7th
1 mile (june), 6th
1/2 marathon (july), 4th
16.5 (july) 3rd

The next two, 8k and marathon will be tough. Top 5 will be very tough in the 8k because it will have several college and high school xc runners, but a decent goal for the marathon.

Anyway, I'm now in 3rd overall, 1st master's. If I complete the 7 I'll probably get 2nd or 3rd. Not nearly in the top 3 in town here. I feel like a points whore.
The prize is fleece jacket or vest with your name on it. If I make it the podium going to ask them to put my wife's name on instead, because she has gone to all the races and cheered. She can no longer race and misses it.