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I probably often make the mistake in assuming that the better your training gets you would just simply run faster.  I mean the flat out feel of training faster on aerobic runs is why I still enjoy running the most.  If I plodded along at the same pace time after time I would have gave the sport up years ago.  Well, maybe not, but who doesn't like cruising along fast for miles and finishing like you want to do it again tomorrow.  Is this a learned behavior?  Perhaps I learned this because I've been running for years, but I distinctly remember as a teenager that hauling along on runs up to an hour (when you felt good) not only felt right, but was a requirement to better conditioning.  Nobody had to teach me that.

Who doesn't love that feeling? If you don't love that, are you really a runner? I think it is intuitive. The problem is how many people listen to their intuition today and how many want to be told exactly what the target it, then strap on their HRM, GPS, a few other contraptions, then be told every step of the way what to do? Just go out and run is too “simplistic” for these people so they need complex, sometimes counter-intuitive, plans instead.