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Not according to the source I trust on the subject, John Feinstein, who incidentally is reputedly one of the smartest sports writers around.  He has looked into this in-depth, there are relatively very few football programs that consistently operate in the black.  These are the Michigans, Notre Dames, USCs, Miamis, and Ohio States of the world.  Colorado's athletic department was deeply in debt when the current AD took over not long ago, thanks in-part to paying $7 million to the former football coach to become the former football coach.  (Somehow I suspect that Mark Wetmore's severance package would be a little bit south of that figure whenever he and CU should decide to part ways.)  They also spent millions on luxury suites for the stadium that there ended up being little market for, etc.  This is at a Big 12 program that goes to bowl games as often as not.  Staff salaries, equipment, and travel all cost big $ for football teams, not to mention the 88 scholarships (or whatever outrageously redundant number it is) devoted to students who fail to graduate in significant numbers.  I cannot imagine the story at mid-major programs in conferences like the MAC or the MWC or Big Sky or A10, let alone smaller DI conferences or DII and DIII programs.  Those rarely even have television contracts, and I doubt that many play in (and sell out) stadiums that seat 50K or more.  Feinstein has also noted that it is the men's NCAA basketball tournament that brings a significant portion of outside private funds into athletic departments, moreso than nearly all football proceeds.