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Not your typical response, but the best analogy I've ever read that put running into what racing (and the sport in general) is all about:

Setup: This is a quote from John Feinstein's' A Good walk Spoiled' Introduction. In it he talks about how golfers are intrinsically motivated to win, how 'failure is what makes succeeding so sweet' and how much they simply love being in the hunt. I've always felt it best shows how I feel… other words I really do like to throw up all over myself…..which begs the question…..are your a watcher or a participant of as Teddy Roosevelt so eloquently put it in his 'The Man in the Arena' speech (

            They all want to be there because they know the work that goes into getting there. Shortly after Curtis Strange had come up one stroke of making a playoff at last year’s US Open , I ran into him in the empty locker room at Oakmont.
            I asked him if he would sleep that night.
“Probably not,” he said. “I’ll probably go through every shot and every thought.”
He smiled . “But you know what? That’s okay. It’s disappointing, but godamn it, I was there. I hadn’t had that feeling in a long time.
This is what you play the game for – to get yourself in a position on Sunday at the US Open so you can throw up all over yourself.”
He was glowing. “My God,” he said, “it felt great.”
            He hadn’t won. But he had had a chance right to the very end. All the work was worth it, just to have that feeling. That’s what they all search for: the chance to be there on Sunday afternoon. They live to have the chance to choke. At Q-school; at Hartford or Memphis; at Augusta or Oakmont.