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Does that sort of thing not happen with every destination marathon?  I have heard that room rates for marathon weekends in NYC, Boston, and Chicago (likely true for San Diego, Nashville, Houston, Cleveland, Huntsville, San Antonio, etc. as well) are quite a bit higher than on neighboring weekends.

while other 'destination' marathons might have high room rates at least for most of them you're SOMEWHERE… I mean it's a bit easier to convince oneself and ones significant other that you are headed for Chicago or NYC, San Diego, LA, Nashville or even Houston… but to get excited about Duluth, well, it takes a bit more… not saying anything against Grandma's as it is on my list one to do, but my husband, who is not a runner, can't see why I'd even want to go that far away 'just to run a marathon' when there are other choices…he understood why I wanted to go to Boston (very expensive) and was happy to tag along to Anchorage as long as we also got on a cruise ship as part of the trip… but Duluth… when I go, I'll be going alone (probably staying with friends to help defray costs)