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I'll think about the cross country flats. One of the guys in the group that I do long runs with is the Saucony rep in our area, so I can probably get a pair of those even if the local store doesn't carry them.

Right now, I have a couple of pairs of training shoes in the rotation and we have a pretty tight budget, so I cannot see buying any more shoes until one of these pair wear out or I manage to win a gift certificate at one of the local races.

Though I would like to be running in minimalist shoes — or even no shoes though I don't see that as viable where I live — my primary running goal is to improve my performance over the next several years, so I think that I will try to take the evolution to more minimal running shoes very gradually. I see myself now moving toward training in racing flats with my next couple of shoe purchases. If that goes well, I will see if I can move from there toward the cc flats or the Fivefingers.

It is likely that I will get a pair of the cc flats before I am ready to test them as everyday trainers. This year, I have run three races on the track and I have one cross country race planned. I expect that to continue each year. My 22-year-old track spikes are starting to show their age and the cc flats would probably serve well in that role.