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It is interesting to look on, just for example, a marathon-focused forum (elsewhere) that clearly has a heavy emphasis on the numbers (mostly short-sighted) yet when the posts of yearly mileage go up it is revealed that essentially none have averaged 80+ miles/week for the year — and none seem to see any issue with this and so many often wonder why they fail to see expected improvements in the marathon.

In fact, if you're referencing the place I think you are, relatively few average as little as 50+ miles per week for the year. Interestingly, some of those averaging less than 50 miles per week for the year consider themselves at least moderately high mileage runners and think they are really getting the most out of their training (and this is in a marathon-centric place). Maybe for half of the year but, if you really want to get the most out of your training, you need that consistency not even for one whole year but year-round for years on end. Just because your highest week is 93 doesn't mean much when your average over a lengthy period is 47.

You'll get more out of a max week of 75 and an average of 65 than a max week of 90 and an average of 50.