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We live in the country and my wife runs a small goat dairy. Between all of the rain that we've had this year and the honey locust thorns, it's not a very conducive environment for the Fivefingers. I always go barefoot in the house and sometimes throw on the Fivefingers to walk down the drive to check the mail or something. Lately, I have been leaving them in the van when I drive to work — thinking that when I run in town after work I might decide to do a little running in the Fivefingers after my workout. Perhaps I will try to start wearing them for strides in the grass afterward — or just do the strides barefoot.

By the way, the 1500m last weekend went okay. They ran it in 10-year age groups and scored it in 5-year age groups. I missed the 5000m because they rescheduled it to the first event of the day and I never saw that email. I think that it was a very late change. They started the 5000m while I was pinning my number on. Only 5 or 6 people were registered and only one of them showed up to run. I would have skipped it anyway due to the time change. The 1500m was my primary focus and it was the next event after the 5000m — though there was a women's 1500m heat and 3 men's 1500m heats before my race between the 5000m and my race.

At the start of my heat, two guys went out hard. I went with them initially — hoping to compete for the win in my heat, but I decided that they were going a bit too fast and backed off after 300m. A friend of mine passed me in the first 100m of the second lap and I was racing in 4th place and he put about 20m between us. There was also a gap between myself and 5th place — though I don't know how much. That is pretty much how we stayed until the bell lap. In the last lap, I picked up the pace, but I really didn't know if I might catch Chris. With 200m to go, he started coming back to me. I always get a rush when I see someone coming back to me. I was about 3m back as we entered the home stretch and  I surged by him to take third in the heat and second in my age group in 4:40. The pace was slightly faster than the 5:07 mile that I ran a couple of weeks ago. I had submitted 4:40 with my entry and my official time was 4:40.13. Too bad there wasn't a time prediction competition. 

This race somewhat followed the pattern of the mile run that I did a couple of weeks ago. Both times, the early pace felt a bit too fast and I backed off late in the first lap, but then finished strong to catch someone who had built a gap on me in the second lap. I always feel that if I want to compete, I need to be with the leaders from the start, but perhaps I would be better served to be more conservative in the first lap and then start pressing in the last half of the race. I don't know that I've ever run a negative split, but it seems like it might be something to try sometime.