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Mike, thanks. In the past, I've given even more descriptive reports but I didn't have the time this time around.

Actually, if it makes sense, I'm not totally sure why I race so infrequently. I think it involves many issues.

First, while I raced before I was in top shape this time around, I usually don't like to toe the line unless I know I'm in shape for a good performance. However, I overcome that from time to time like I did Tuesday. Part of this, though, is a hesitance of racing during base training. I probably should race at least occasionally during base training but I very often do not. I didn't this time around, either. This week just happens to work out as a bit of a recovery week after base training before I do my first track workout Saturday.

I also think that, at times, my competitive flame burns a little low and I become a person who simply loves running, not racing. I guess you could say I become a non-competitive runner for periods of time. That's what happened to me this spring. I didn't want to race, I didn't even want to train for racing. I just wanted to run 25-30 miles a week for the enjoyment of running.

Finally, I feel like I was overraced in high school and college. With the way I train, I can't constantly be racing. About two races a month is really my max. When I was in high school and college racing nearly every week, sometimes in high school track 2-3 times per meet with 1-2 meets a week, I just had some trouble handling it. I guess I've been burned enough times that I'm now hesitant to put my hand anywhere near the flame. As a result, I usually end up underracing instead of overracing.

Whatever the situation, I'm working on changing that this summer. I have the intention of running one more race in July. I would then like to run 1-2 races in August before Stout's alumni meet and Al's Run, which both are always in my schedule, in September. At that point, I'm sure I'll do at least one more race in October and I have a race for November in mind so I can keep at least a bit sharp for Jingle Bell in December. I didn't run a single race during the first half of the year but I think I'm working out a fairly full schedule for the second half of the year.