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Yea I'm trying to build a good base up til the end of Sep and thats' when the marathon is.  Is BQ that important well kind of but just being able to finish 26.2 miles after being 50lbs overweight 3 yrs ago is an honor in itself.  Just thought it would be nice to do a marathon, BQ, run Boston and be done w/ marathons.. I like the halves, 10k, 5k scene a little better.. Who knows tho maybe i'll find I really enjoy the marathon.
What worries me about lining up w/ the 3:10 pacer is that I wont have much leeway come the second half..  AS you were saying though I may not be able to finish at all.. so who knows?  Right now my long run is at 17 miles i'm going to get some 20's under my belt before then.. 
My half marathon was on a fairly challenging course as well.. So If i had a flat course perhaps i'd be a high 1:24 or maybe 1:25 but to hard to predict..  There are several questions racing through my head at the moment about the whole marathon.. I'm kind of apprehensive in taking the marathon plunge in itself.. 
Haven't set my application in yet so there is still time to see if i'm where I wanna be.