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sounds like a fun race.  i dig ultras versus marathons.  the vibe is much more laid back and folks are real friendly.  my opinion is that the challenge is fueling yourself.  folks around here say that you should be consuming 250 calories (or so) an hour.  gels are heavily favored but at the aid stations you'll run into peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, m&m's and my personal favorite – coca cola.

i'd recommend getting comfortable carrying a water bottle.  i favor a neoprene holster that makes it easier to hang on to.  race ready brand shorts are another staple…those pockets come in handy for gels, tylenol, etc.

the most important thing is to have fun…especially for a trail ultra.

(BTW…the North Face event is closer to Milwaukee than Madison.  It's being held in the southern kettle moraine state forest.)