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Hey thanks guys for the advice. My buddy said if is a whole different kind of group of runners at Ultras.
I have the race ready shorts I use in the marathon. I also have a hand held bottle with the strap. I carried once for ten miles. It was not cumbersome at all. I have small hands, so it was nice with the strap. I will use it even though there are lots of aid stations being a loop course.
I have ordered a pack from the same company, to see what I like for the 50 miler.
I like to travel light too, but I guess it does depend on how much support you have on course.

I saw that the North Face race in in Southern Kettle Moraine. I plan to go over for a weekend and take a run there.
The other races courses looked a little beastly, glad we are in Wisconsin and have no mountain climbs.

So the next question is on training for 50….do most do those long double weekends, and at what distance. 30/20, 40/15 etc. And how often. I thought I would train as if i am marathoning, ie: tempos runs, etc. Just add those double longs. And what type of pace..whatever you can manage over 2 days. 🙂